Campsite Quality

"Camping Qualité" invites you to discover holiday sites in most regions of France , where you will be welcomed by professionals who care about your needs and endeavor to satisfy you.

Adhering to Camp Quality, they undergo a strict and precise commitment charter , as well as regular checks on nearly 600 criteria. Everywhere, the "Camping Qualité" campsites are committed to providing you with :

• A warm welcome... The hospitality, availability, kindness and efficiency are the subject of special attention from the manager and his team . They contribute to a serene, pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

• Immaculate cleanliness...Throughout the opening , cleanliness and hygiene are ensured period anywhere in the site.

• Precise and valid information... The campsite manager provides complete, clear and accurate informations about his establishment : precise description of the equipment , dates and opening reception, different services, activities schedules. Rates are clearly and strictly applied.

• A nice and clean private space... The campsite manager shall take the necessary measures to provide a private accomodation and ensure the utmost peace and comfort on the campsite grounds, which are designed with taste and with an aesthetic concern, as a part of its surrounding natural environment.

• A valued and respected environment...The campsite manager undertakes to preserve nature and the environment, to develop his campsite with respect, protection and research of appropriate environmental solutions. The landscaping and energy savings are priorities for Camp Quality, thus contributing to the preservation of an increasingly threatened environment.

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